Victory or Death

from by Things That Crawl



3rd track off the Snake Oil ep

"Battle cries became the song"



Love is gonna bring you to your knees
It'll lock you up and throw away the keys
The fear is gonna find you in your sleep
It'll drag you down and take you deep

So when does the wrist become the hand?
When does the sea become the land?
When does the rope become the noose?
When does regret become excuse?

Our numbers are few and still the enemy comes
Empty promises and empty guns
Our orders are not to start the fight
but if they mean to have a war then this will be the site

Victory or death

A kiss is gonna break your cold black heart
A tear is gonna tear you soul apart
Your war of gods will rip limb from limb
Nothing good will ever come from them

So when does the man become the beast?
When will the west destroy the east?
When does the flesh become the bone?
When will our men be coming home?

Victory or death

Black widow went and killed her mate
The act was frowned upon by the state
Angels stood as the four winds blew
I was only doing what the spiders do

Battle cries became the song
What was right became what’s wrong
Now this flesh has become my bone
and this living hell has become my home

Victory or death

Copyright Things That Crawl Music ©2014


from Snake Oil, released August 3, 2014



all rights reserved


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